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Machine moving & Rigging

  • Rigging, Machine moving and crane hire in Gauteng & Western Cape.
  • If you are moving premises and need your machinary lifted, transported and rigged into position, we are the people for the job.

Machine moving & Rigging

  • Rigging, Machine moving and crane hire in Gauteng & Western Cape.
  • If you are moving premises and need your machinary lifted, transported and rigged into position, we are the people for the job.

Machine Moving and Rigging

Crane Trucks

Crane trucks offer rigging teams an excellent lift, load, transport and offload ability. Providing the truck can get access to the machinary, we have crane trucks up to 40 T/M available for any rigging job.

Mobile Cranes

Heavy machinary and complex lifts require the use of mobile cranes with experienced and certified riggers. Valuable machinary is lifted moved and placed into position with our red seal rigging teams.

Up to 400 Ton Gantries

Gantries are often required to lift very heavy machines to load onto trailers ready for transport. Our abnormal load division will ensure that the requisite permits and support vehicles are in place for the move.

Machine Moving and Rigging


The term rigging refers to the lifting of heavy industrial equipment. This is a highly specialised industry and often goes hand in hand with the loading, transportation, offloading and positioning of this industrial equipment. To this end Crane Truck SA has assembled a team of experts with combined experience in excess of 250 years’ worth of certification / experience in the management of rigging and crane operation to handle all requirements. Each quote is tailor made to suit our clients’ specific needs and pricing is very competitive.

We pride ourselves in the fact that exacting standards in terms of Health and Safety Regulations are adhered to throughout the performance of each project assigned to us. We also ensure that all legislated refresher courses are diarised and carried out as and when required, as well as our riggers and crane operators receiving the required training for all new equipment brought into the fleet.

Rigging Crews

CRANE TRUCK SA has assembled a team of experts with combined experience in excess of 250 years which is constantly being added to as the fleet grows. These teams include red seal riggers who are highly experienced and certified to perform very complex lifts, tandem lifts and lifts at extreme height.

Some of our cranes have booms with fly-jibs that extend to over 80m. Lifts that have a lengthy horixontal reach with little height need to be very carefully calculated to avoid tipping the truck. In some cases counter weights as well as outrigger deployment are essential to ensure a safe lift.

With the 210 ton and 160 ton knuckle boom cranes it is possible to “punch” a load into a building horizontally making the knuckle boom cranes essential for cost effective rigging, often negating the need for additional rigging equipment.

Crane Truck Hire and Rigging services

Service areas

Gauteng – We service Gauteng, Limpopo & North West from our Germiston, Pretoria and Delmas Yards.

Western Cape – Servicing Western Cape, Estern Cape and Northern Cape

Crane Truck SA specializes in machine moving and heavy lifting, we offer a wide range of crane and lifting solutions, tailor made to your specific rigging requirements.

With our combined experience of over 50 years in the lifting industry, our professional and technical approach to this niche industry gives us the advantage and knows how to execute and deliver a quality service. We place emphasis on time management and cost efficiency that suits our client’s requirements while delivering the applicable engineering intuition.

Our engineering department endeavors to be at the forefront of rigging technology and strives towards engineer solutions that are innovative and practical.

Crane Truck SA offer container services which include loading (stuffing), dunnage and crating as well as unloading (de-stuffing) of containers at our premises. We also have storage facilities at our premises in Germiston & Pretoria for short-term or long-term storage options until you are ready for dispatch to different destinations.

Crane Truck SA has a variety of crane truck sizes and vehicles available at our disposal for any load big or small and to any destination within sub-Saharan Africa. This includes the delivery of machines or factories across the country.

Crane Truck SA, rigging services

Our comprehensive site surveys are free of charge and are conducted with a cost-effectiveness in mind we offer comprehensive lifting plans and rigging studies, which can include engineering drawings.

We have Qualified/Red Seal Riggers available to oversee shutdowns/turnarounds. We ensure absolute quality and provide clients with established industry required benchmark standards.

Crane Truck SA has a range of crane trucks, rigging and machine moving equipment. Our services include specialized deliveries or transportation nationwide, single items or entire factory relocations. We have vast experience in moving sensitive machinery.

We assist with the evaluating and planning of factory moves to ensure the move is smooth and efficient with the least disruption to production

Crane Truck SA also offer complex lifting solutions, including steel structure erection and rigging services; where we provide suitable lifting solutions as well as rigging crews to work hand in hand with your riggers and engineers.

Leave your crane truck hire needs to the professionals. Crane Truck SA provides rigging services to anyone requiring heavy lift, rigging and transport solutions for industries such as Mining, Construction, Petro-Chemical, Civil, and Marine, to mention a few.

Safety is our number one priority, and as per legal governing requirements, all our crane trucks are licensed and maintained and like our equipment, all certified to ensure skilled rigging and dependability. Our staff, drivers, operators & assistants alike, are also all equipped with the necessary training and certificates for safety and your peace of mind.

Crane trucks

Crane Trucks are specially manufactured with strengthened chassis in order to load, transport and offload small to medium size consignments as well as bear the weight of the crane. The cranes lifting capacity can very quite substantially from as little as 2/3 tons to cranes with lifting capacities over 40 Tons.  The Crane Truck SA fleet can supply vehicles equipped with either front or rear mounted cranes depending on requirements. They are highly mobile and very effective in urban settings.

The fleet of 4×4 crane trucks were specifically commissioned for pipeline, solar and power line projects that require the crane trucks to operate on rough terrain including fairly steep inclines. This fleet includes 6×6 and 8×8 crane trucks making the fleet essential for large power infrastructure projects.

Hydraulic Gantries

Hydraulic gantries provide heavy lifting capabilities for loading and offloading exceptionally heavy pieces of equipment. The 400T gantry is often used at engineering firms, power stations and mines around Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga to load and offload abnormal loads. Typically, a lowbed would drive it’s load under the gantry, the equipment would be professionally rigged with the requisite slings and lifted off the load bed. The truck would then drive off and the equipment lowered into place or used in the opposite fashion. Specialist riggers and qualified, experienced drivers are used to ensure a flawless operation.

Mobile Cranes

The fleet of mobile cranes owned by our partners includes small mobile cranes with 5 Ton maximum lifting capacities, all the way up to 500 Ton lifting capacities. These configurations of mobile cranes used as single lifters or tandem lifters can complete most jobs in South Africa. Our 160 Ton and 220 Ton knuckle boom cranes are a game changer for the rigging industry, allowing heavy lifts at a low cost due to the ability of the cranes to travel on the roads. Call us for more info on the knuckle boom rigging cranes and their usage.

Rigging Equipment

As a rigging service provider we use, spider cranes for limited access and working on slabs, forklifts, cherry pickers, jack and slide and various other lifting and moving equipment to get the job done. If we take on a job, we get it done whatever it takes.

Rigging & Risk Assessment

Every assessment takes into account safety legislation, job requirements as well as trying to pre-empt any possible problem(s) that may be encountered and ensures that the most cost effective and safe action is taken without the loss of a quality job. Our staff are also happy to keep clients informed every step of the way.



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