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Container moving

  • 6m, 12m or reefer container removal and transport in Gauteng.
  • We lift, stack and move containers and mobile homes/offices. Fast and efficient container removal and transport services.

Container moving

  • 6m, 12m or reefer container removal and transport in Gauteng.
  • We lift, stack and move containers and mobile homes/offices. Fast and efficient container removal and transport services.


2×4 & 4×4 Crane Trucks

Ideal for relocation and establishing container offices in remote or on any site, including rough terrain sites. Experienced operators to lift stack and rig containers.

Cab Mount Crane Trucks

Depending on the site, we offer both cab mount and rear mount crane trucks to efficiently load, stack and remove containers on any site in Gauteng and Western Cape.

Container Transport & Stack

We are highly experienced in the container moving and stacking industry. Our stacking capabilities include containers weighing up to 36 tons. 

6m Containers

6m (20 foot) containers weigh 2.2 Tons empty and can be loaded to a maximum of 33.480 Tons or 33.2 Cubic meters. Most commercial flat bed trucks or lowbeds and rollback trucks are built to be able to carry standard size containers.

Reefer Containers

Refrigerated Containers (Reefer containers) come in the same sizes as standard containers but are temperature controlled. Used to  Transport fresh or temperature sensitive items. Fresh food and medicine are typical cargo.

12m Containers

12m Containers (40 foot) weigh 3.68 Tons and can be loaded to a maximum of 32.5 Tons. Containers can be stacked and are very versatile for creating site offices and warehousing that is both secure and attractive.

Special Purpose Containers

Special purpose containers are designed to be transported by container trucks or sidelifters. An example is a container contain batteries, solar panels and inverters. Eg Cellphone tower energy.

Container Transport Rates

In general, moving a container from one location to another is priced on a per job basis, with the variables being the size, weight, location and destination of the container. The container transport providers trucks will be in a yard or on a job, and the distance that needs to be travelled to the container location needs to be taken into account.

Pricing considerations: Distance to location, size and weight of container, distance travelled with container and distance travelled back to yard.

Unusual circumstance: If the truck is not able to get right up alongside the container, a larger crane may be required for the lift.  This also applies to the offloading site.

Some containers may not be able to handle the forces resulting in buckling of the sides or top of the container. In these cases spreader beams need to be used to spread the load evenly to prevent damage.

Lifting and transporting containers is mostlyt a straight forward exercise but it is always necessary to survey first. If we send a truck to site and were not made aware of damage or problems with the lift, this will be added to the cost.

Container transport

Whether it is to lift a single container and place it on your own truck or forklifts and rigging equipmernt to dismantle your factory and packing containers, we have the equipment to support you.

All staff are trained and certified to operate the cranes. Mine safety files and certification can be supplied where necessary. We are very proud of our safety record, experience and knowledge of our riggers, operators and drivers.

Containers, Site Offices, Classroom moving

Engineering equipment relocations & moving

Steel structure erection and pipe lifting and transport

Cable drum transport and electrical cable slinging

Steel tanks and transformer transport and installation

Medical equipment transport and installation

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Our Yards are located in Bredell, Germiston and Pretoria North, with trucks and experienced staff ready and able to move your containers.

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