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8 – 40 Ton Crane Truck

  • The 8 ton crane trucks
  • Available on 2×4, 4×4, 6×4 and 8×8 trucks

8 – 40 Ton Crane Truck

  • The 8 ton crane trucks
  • Available on 2×4, 4×4, 6×4 and 8×8 trucks

8 Ton Crane trucks for hire

4×4 crane trucks with 8 ton crane for hire

Rough terrain or Steep inclines are no match for this 4×4 crane truck sporting an 8 ton crane.

and Daily, weekly and monthly Crane Truck hire rates.

8×8 Crane Truck with 8 ton crane for hire

If terrain stability is an issue, the traction offered by the 8×8 truck is unmatched. Outriggers offer additional stability.

Daily, weekly and monthly Crane Truck hire rates.

Rear Mount 8 Ton Crane Truck for versatility

Certain jobs require the use of a rear mount crane which allows the truck to reverse up to the site to offload safely.

All rentals include Operator, Slings and Insurance.

Short Term Crane Truck Hire

Our 8 Ton Crane Trucks are often used for single jobs or just a few hours. If you are loading, transporting cable drums, a or moving a machine at your premises, we have teams ready to assist at short notice.

Complex Rigging

Our rigging teams are highly experienced with the some riggers holding red seal certification. All rigging teams are available for complex lifts where required. An 8 ton crane truck rental includes operator and slings.

Long Term Crane Trucks For Hire

8 Ton 4×4 crane trucks are often used on contract work in remote areas for pipe laying or as support vehicles for power line stringing, lifts on uneven terrain or steep inclines which require 4×4 traction.

Cab or Rear Mount Crane Trucks

The 8 Ton Crane Trucks are configured with both cab mount or rear mount cranes for maximum flexibity.  Each truck is fully equipped with safety equipment and experienced personnel. We get the job done.

Crane Truck Hire Rates

Crane Truck Yards in: Germiston, Pretoria North & Boksburg

It is possible to get 1/2 day rates, day rates, weekly rates and monthly rates on 8 ton crane trucks. We would first need to know the location of the hire, the duration and wether or not there is fuel on the site. If there is no fuel avaiable on site, we need to truck in fuel to ensure the crane truck operates.

For longer 8 ton crane hire rates it is also important to factor in the operator and/or rigging team accommodation required. The distance from our yard to the site is also a factor to consider. We often simply start the hire from the time that the truck leaves our yard but is not always practical or fair. A day hire is usually a 10 hr day with double time over weekends and public holidays.

Email us with this info and we will gladly provide you with a quotation.

8 ton crane truck hire

Whether it is to lift a single container and place it on your own truck or to move your entire factory or workshop to new premises, we have the ability and the fleet of crane trucks and support equipment to support you.

All staff are trained and certified to operate the cranes. Mine safety files and certification can be supplied where necessary. We are very proud of our safety record, experience and knowledge of our riggers, operators and drivers.

Containers, Site Offices, Classroom moving

Engineering equipment relocations & moving

Steel structure erection and pipe lifting and transport

Cable drum transport and electrical cable slinging

Steel tanks and transformer transport and installation

Medical equipment transport and installation

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8 Ton Crane Trucks are the most versatile and most often requested crane trucks for hiring puposes. Germiston with Yards in Germiston and Pretoria. Our Cranes are often deployed in Limpopo, North West or Mpumalanga on mines and projects of various sizes.

We get the job done, whatever it takes



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