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  • Crane Trucks available to transport anything from cable drums and containers to trees and transformers.
  • 8 Ton to 40 Ton Crane Trucks



  • Crane Trucks available to transport anything from cable drums and containers to trees and transformers.
  • 8 Ton to 40 Ton Crane Trucks


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Crane Truck Transport

Crane Truck Transport

Transporting machinary and goods using crane Crane Trucks is a highly effective way to minimize costs and get the item loaded, transported and offloaded quickly and safely. We lift and transport machinary and any item to heavy for personnel to lift.


Our crane truck fleet includes load beds designed specificall for standard container size transport. 6m and 12 m containers/park-homes/offices are easily loaded, transported and offloaded. We operate out of Germiston and Pretoria North.

Pipe Transport

We have crane trucks that are able to transport steel pipes, concrete pipes and HDPE pipes. Our stacking and transport system ensures that your pipes are delivered undamaged. Where necessary we use spreader beams to protect the pipes from bending.

Cable Drums

Cable drum transport is a common job undertaken by our crane truck division which can also be supplemented with flat decks and lowbed trailers for the transport and offload of large numbers of cable drums. We have dedicated power line division.

Machine Moving

Whether you are moving a small embroidery machine, brewery equipment or an entire factory or workshop, we have the cranes, trucks and transport required to get the job done. Our machine movers include reed seal riggers where required.


From small generators to large Transformer collection and placement for Eskom, we have a solution for your power equipment transport and rigging. 20 or 30 ton transformers are no match for our rigging teams to lift, transport, offload and rig into position.

High Mast Lighting

Crane trucks with man-cages that can reach heights in excess of 30m are available for high mast repair and maintenance work in Gauteng and surrounding provinces. Our fleet includes cherry pickers which are often used for the purpose.

Signage Erection

Signage construction and rigging teams erecting signage on buildings, on freeways and in parking lots of Shopping centers around South Africa is a job we specialize in. Our dedicated signage construction and rigging teams work fast and safely to get the job done on time.

Crane truck transport

4×4 crane trucks with 8 ton crane

Rough terrain or Steep inclines are no match for this 4×4 crane truck sporting an 8 ton crane.

and Daily, weekly and monthly Crane Truck hire rates.

8×8 Crane Truck with 8 ton crane

If terrain stability is an issue, the traction offered by the 8×8 truck is unmatched. Outriggers offer additional stability.

Daily, weekly and monthly Crane Truck hire rates.

Rear Mount 8 Ton Crane Truck

Certain jobs require the use of a rear mount crane which allows the truck to reverse up to the site to offload safely.

All rentals include Operator, Slings and Insurance.


Our versatile fleet of crane truck trasnsport solutions and complimentary trucks, jacks, lifts and rigging crews ensure that we are able to complete simple lifts like transporting recycling materials to the dismantling, transport and installation of complete factories.

We get the job done, whatever it takes



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